Flight Training

Weekly training flights develop skill
and confidence ...

We recommend a training schedule that includes a 1 hour flight each week flight for approx 9-12 months before you will qualify for your private license. You will learn how to control the aircraft in different conditions and to perform all of the following flight maneuvers and more. [check_list]
  • Straight...
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India’s “The Bachelor” Themed 40th Birthday

One of our clients surprised his wife for her 40th birthday with a night on the town inspired by ABC's  "The Bachelor".  Watch Chuck's recap of their flight, dinner and special evening in Annapolis.

Call us today to schedule a romantic escape for your sweetheart!

Ground School

You may be asking, "What topics will we cover in ground school and how come I just can't learn in the cockpit?"

The basics always come first.  There's a lot to cover when it comes to the big blue sky and we start at the beginning so that when the time comes for you to show...
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Why Horizon

Because great training makes great pilots

Ever heard the phrase, "The sky's the limit'? Well, it's true, unless you're a pilot! Horizon instructors have trained helicopter pilots from all occupations and all ages. We have successfully taught students from 15 to 78 years old and even the completed the licensing of the first deaf helicopter pilot in...
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