Commercial License

FAA License Requirements - Commercial Pilot (Part 61)

  • Total Flight Time: 150 Hrs.; including at least -
    • 100 hrs. in any powered aircraft (25 hours may be in Horizons FTD*)
    • 50 hrs. in Helicopters
  • Pilot In Command (PIC): Minimum 100 Hrs.; including at least
    • 35 hrs. in Helicopters
    • 10 hrs. of Cross-Country in Helicopters
  • Training: (Dual Instruction)
    • 20 Hours, including at least:

- 5 hrs. Instrument training in a helicopter, FTD*, ATD or simulator
- 2 hrs. Day VFR Cross Country flight in a Helicopter (50 NM)
- 2 hrs. Night VFR Cross Country flight in a Helicopter (50 NM)
- 3 hrs. of Practical Test Preparation in a Helicopter within 60 days of the Checkride

  • Solo or Dual as PIC:

• 50 NM Cross Country w/ a minimum of 3 landings (no time specified)
• At least 5 hrs. Night VFR w/ 10 Takeoffs & Landings

*Horizons FLYIT! Professional Simulator Flight Training Device (FTD) can be used to satisfy a maximum of 25 hrs. of the total flight time requirements and may be used half for the 5 hrs. of Instrument training. Also, Horizons weekly class is available at no extra charge for students working on a Commercial Helicopter Rating at Horizon.
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