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FAA Licesnse Requirements - VA Commercial Pilot Training Program

After more than 25 years of training and preparing helicopter pilots for flight operations in the corporate market, commercial sector, medical transportation industry, law enforcement, military service and even just training private pilots to fly for their own enjoyment, Horizon is proud to announce that we are approved by the Veterans Administration (VA) to offer flight training to Veterans of all ages looking to advance their skills and career in helicopter flight.

  • Under the current VA benefits package, Veterans qualify for FREE advanced-level flight training to receive their Commercial Pilot License!
  • Although the VA Program is designed to pay for a Commercial License, or second phase of your flight training, candidates must first obtain their Private Pilot License. Horizon offers options to help students who have never flown or do not currently hold a Private Pilot License to get one. Ask about our discounts for purchasing flight time in bulk as well as more traditional financing options to help get you off the ground.

To get started, contact your VA Benefits Administrator to see what your current benefits level is and then call us to schedule an appointment to review your flight training experience, flight training goals and set up a training schedule.

Pilots must meet current FAA safety and eligibility rules and enroll in a VA certified program.

You served our country and we're grateful!
Now let Horizon help you use the benefits you've earned to create the
the valuable skills neccessary to take your career to new heights!

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